Why hire a Montreal criminal lawyer?

When you are charged with a crime, the Charter states that you have the right to a full answer and defense. Hiring a criminal lawyer will ensure that this right is respected throughout the criminal judicial process.

There is a common misconception that you should only hire a criminal lawyer if you choose to contest the charges and go to trial. However, even if you wish to ultimately plead guilty, you are entitled to be fully aware of the allegations that are brought against you. You should always know and understand what you’re pleading guilty to. A criminal lawyer will explain the process and make sure you are entering a guilty plea to the appropriate charges. A lawyer will also assess the police report, police conduct, witness testimonies, admissibility of the evidence, etc. and thus ensure a fair defense and a suitable sentence.

A criminal defense lawyer will also help with plea negotiations. Our lawyers have succeeded in getting withdrawals in certain cases. You may also have the interest to obtain a conditional or unconditional discharge or be entitled to a lesser sentence. Negotiating sentences is an imperative part of a lawyer’s job.

If you wish to go to trial, a criminal lawyer in Montreal will provide an expert opinion based on the relevant laws and case laws that apply. You will be given the necessary amount of time to provide your version of the facts. Your lawyer will adequately prepare you to go before a judge and challenge the charges against you during testimonies and pleadings.

A Montreal criminal lawyer will help you better understand and navigate through the justice system. You future depends on having a skilled legal professional by your side during this difficult time. Don’t hesitate to call.